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Open Saturdays Only to the Public

8:00am - 2:00pm

Please call or ema
il for pre-orders

For larger orders needed on days other than Saturday, please call.

Our Specialty: BAGELS!!

Hand-Crafted Artisan Bagels

Bagel Forming.jpg
Bagel Boiling.jpg

Just like they're supposed to be!

As well as
Breads, Pastries, and Other Delights
at our new locati

969 Pine Log Rd.
Aiken, SC 29803

Please be patient with us as we  build this business from scratch!  We will continue to offer new and exciting products from week to week and month to month.   We will also have seasonal options.   

We also love suggestions and new ideas, so please make your recommendations.  Always happy to try new things for our customers!


Online Ordering Coming Soon!

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